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17 Point Community Screening
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17-Point Community Screening

Most first time patients to HealthSource come to us because of pain.  Either a new pain from an injury at home, work, or play;  an auto accident; or have a pain that has been chronic in your life for years.

Our 17-Point Community Screening will allow us to isolate where the "Source" of the pain is.  That's the irony, because where it hurts may not be where the injury is.  For example, headaches may be caused by neck subluxations.  Tingling or numbness in your feet may be caused by Sciatica from an old injury.

So at HeatlhSource, we perform a full body screening, starting with your area of pain, and really going over your entire skeletal system.

This 17-Point detailed screening includes looking at:

  • Spinal Position
  • Pinch Nerves
  • Grinding/Clicking of Joints
  • Muscle Knots
  • Painful Turning Motion
  • Compensations
  • Painful Catching
  • Chronic Stiffness
  • Tendons and Ligaments
  • Reflexes
  • Numbness and Tingling
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Adhesions in muscles and ligaments.
  • Overall Joint and Body Ailment
  • Posture
  • Core Strength

We then will look at your overall goals and wellness plans including weight control, nutrition, exercise, meal planning, and more. You are under no obligation to us after your 17-point Community Screening. If you need additional exams or x-rays or other therapies, you will be informed of any related costs associated. 

HealthSource's proven Wellness program will have you on your way to living better, eating smarter, and living with the vigor that you always dreamed, whether your journey is just beginning or you're a seasoned veteran who wants to continue your path toward a healthy lifestyle.

Call (614) 254-6964 or click to schedule your HealthSource of Canal Winchester appointment today!

A chiropractor is a health care professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. Most chiropractors seek to reduce pain and improve the functionality of patients as well as to educate them on how they can account for their own health via exercise, ergonomics and other therapies to treat back pain. Chiropractic is generally categorized as alternative medicine or complementary medicine. Canal Winchester Chiropractors focus on the intimate relationship between the nervous system and spine, and hold true the following beliefs: Biomechanical and structural derangement of the spine can affect the nervous system, and for many conditions, chiropractic treatment can restore the structural integrity of the spine, reduce pressure on the sensitive neurological tissue, and consequently improve the health of the individual. Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) care for patients of all ages, with a variety of health conditions. DCs are especially well known for their expertise in caring for patients with back pain, neck pain and headaches...particularly with their highly skilled manipulations or chiropractic adjustments. Canal Winchester chiropractors also care for patients with a wide range of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, involving the muscles, ligaments and joints. These painful conditions often involve or impact the nervous system, which can cause referred pain and dysfunction distant to the region of injury. The benefits of chiropractic care extend to general health issues, as well, since our body structure affects our overall function. Canal Winchester chiropractors also counsel patients on diet, nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, and occupational and lifestyle modification.
Chiropractic is well established in the U.S., Canada and Australia. It overlaps with other manual-therapy professions, including massage therapy, osteopathy, and physical therapy. Back and neck pain are the specialties of chiropractic but many Canal Winchester chiropractors treat ailments other than musculoskeletal issues. Most who seek Canal Winchester chiropractic care do so for low back pain. Chiropractors emphasize the conservative management of the neuromusculoskeletal system without the use of medicines or surgery, with special emphasis on the spine. Back and neck pain are the specialties of chiropractic but many chiropractors treat ailments other than musculoskeletal issues.

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